Leaders in Tuck Pointing and Masonry Repair across Toronto
The GTA is full of historic and modern brick buildings alike. From our copious amounts of century homes to the grand Casa Loma, all brick buildings require brick servicing once every 50 years. If you own an older property and don’t know when your bricks were serviced last, give us a call. With regular maintenance, these brick structures can last 200-300 years or longer because of Toronto’s calm climate.

Refresh the look of your exterior with tuck pointing and masonry repair in Toronto from Projects Restoration Group. Old crumbled brick is a threat to the integrity of your property. Ensure it stands tall with our professional services.

Expert tuck pointing

When your brick joints have rotted and dried out, call Projects Restoration Group. Working across the GTA, we provide accurate tuck pointing services. We start by using a hand-grinder to create a ¼-inch depth into the joints. Then, depending on the age of the brick, we apply a cement mixture with a pinpointing bag to the damaged area. Using a pointing tool, we ensure all cement is securely placed in the joints. At Projects Restoration Group, we are able to mix our cement to match any joint colour so our repairs are completed seamlessly.

Finally, we spray the bricks and joints with a sealant to create a waterproof surface. We use either:

  • A compound that lasts 10 years and leaves a matte finish; or,
  • A compound that lasts 5 years and allows the surface to have a gloss finish
Masonry restoration, repair and cleaning
At Projects Restoration Group, when we replace your bricks, we ensure they match your building perfectly. Every batch of bricks is a slightly different colour, so we provide a variety of mixes to perfectly match the look you desire, whether that’s the original colour or something completely new.

When we fill the spaces between the bricks, we ensure the mortar matches the old colour so that the area doesn’t stand out. We do the same thing when performing repairs; the cement is coloured to match original brick or mortar to fill any gaps in the building.

When you need tuck pointing or brick restoration services, come to the industry leaders. Projects Restoration Group has your repair and replacement covered.