Trust projects restoration group with interior demolitions, Toronto
When you purchased your fixer-upper, you knew it would take more than a fresh coat of paint to bring it up-to-date. Instead of hiring multiple companies to help you finish the job, trust Projects Restoration Group with your interior demolitions in Toronto. We expertly provide asbestos and lead abatement, grading, excavations and concrete crushing.
Protecting your assets
Older properties may have gorgeous exteriors, but may be hiding hazardous materials within. Asbestos, lead paint and fibreglass are just a few materials we can find and remove safely. We comply with local and federal regulations when handling hazardous materials and follow strict safety measures to minimize risk and exposure to our staff and your property.

At Projects Restoration Group, we carry general liability insurance with a bonding capacity over $1 million.

Protect your neighbourhood
When your properties undergo interior demolitions from us, you can rest easy knowing that all materials are disposed of properly. Most demolition projects involve reusable resources like metal, soil and roofing materials. To reduce our carbon footprint, we take the time to take these items to the nearest recycling centre. As an added bonus, the more we bring to the recycling centre, the more we receive as reimbursement and subsequently, pass the savings on to you
Protect Your Savings
We understand that renovation and restoration projects involve investing a lot of time and money. To ensure you save on both, our team of 30 tradesmen and women work efficiently without compromising quality to complete all projects on-time and on-budget. We will do our part to provide you with minimal interruption to your regular schedule.

If you’d like Projects Restoration Group to come provide your property with interior demolition services, please don’t hesitate to call.